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DHI Live

DHI Live provides near real-time data display from the wellsite logging unit to any internet or intranet connected web browser.  DHI Live is compatible with most popular web browsers and requires no software or browser plug-in installation.


DHI Live requires very little rig side bandwidth, approximately 64 MB per day and is available for any well where an internet connection is available in the logging unit.


In addition to real-time data display and playback, DHI Live is used by users to export data in ASCII or LAS formats, Print time and depth based PDF logs, display and automatically generate 24 hour activity bars and activity charts daily or for the entire well.




Authenticated user access and https encrypted security

User defined parameters and scales

Plot data based on Time, MDepth or VDepth

Export Data in LAS and ASCII formats

Real-Time comments from Rigsite DrillSense

Data playback

Lithology/Comments logs

Composite/MWD/LWD log data

Automatic survey pdf reports




Shared plot/data displays among team members

Ballooning/Flowback charts

Automatic rig activity displays and reports