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DrillSense Electronic Drilling Recorder

DrillSense is an Electronic Drilling Recorder (EDR) and Drilling Data Management System installed as a standalone system or as the primary mud logging unit data system.


DrillSense is based on the latest Distributed Ethernet I/O protocols and the Microsoft .NET platform and is installed on the latest MS operating Systems and computer hardware.  The Software is a fully compliant OPC Client and includes an Application Programmers Interface that results in a very flexible system.  


To date, DrillSense has successfully been interfaced with new rig PROFIBUS systems, mudlogging CAN BUS Systems as well as several applications based on WITS data transfer including, several third party chromatographs and full UBD Graphics workstations.


The system includes the DrillSense Master and any number of DrillSense Clients that share a single development code base and efficient internal communication protocol (.NET Remoting).  This allows for each client to possess varying degrees of control over the system depending on its assigned user level.  These qualities not only provide an extreme level of customization for specific job requirements but also provide a built in level of redundancy as any DrillSense Client may take over the Master role (Acquiring Sensor data, perform real-time calculations and store data) without any software changes other than designating what client will assume the Master role.

Currently, DrillSense acquires and process several hundred data parameters each second and includes a full suite of advanced processing functions such as Real-time Geosteering Toolface display, Flowline and Return Pit flowback (ballooning) and advanced EKD with filtered expected Mud Flow Out rate accounting for rig heave and pipe movement.  More features are added as they become necessary for ever increasing job complexities.


DrillSense is able to transmit real-time data to DHI’s DHILive real-time browser based application at any time when required.


II 3G  Eex nC IIC T3 or T4 

Class I, Zone 2, AEx nC II C. 

North American and European Safety Certifications


Designed for harsh industrial environments


Supports all sensor types


Built in noise rejection at hardware level increases performance and results in “cleaner” data


Ethernet I/O allows simplified system installation and increased flexibility

DrillSense System Components


• Intel i-7 processors


• RAID 10 drives, optional SSD when required

• Compact FieldPoint Ethernet I/O DAQ



MS SQL Server 2008 R2 or later


DrillSense Features: 


• Data Refresh Rate - 1 second

• Database Storage interval – User Variable, 1, 5, 10 second and .1, .2, .5 and 1 depth intervals are just examples, the intervals are fully configurable.

• Full Touch Interface

• Independent display layouts and alarm setpoints for each DrillSense instance

• Fast data playback for entire well on both depth and time based charts

• Print PDF time and depth drilling data logs from any DrillSense

• MS SQL Server database

• Acquires and processes over 170 Data Channels

• Data Export in LAS, Tab Delimited, Excel, etc.

• Interface with multiple WITS Level 0 rig services

• Flexible units of measurement