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Early Kick Detection

The DrillSense EKD software detects wellbore fluid influxes and losses very soon after they occur by comparing the actual Flow Out to the expected Flow Out.  The service requires the use of a quantitative Mud flow out sensor such as a Coriolis flow line meter.  The software must be calibrated for each rig to ensure the expected mud flow out is calculated properly to account for rig heave, pipe movement and borehole ballooning.

Due to Rig Heave and/or Pipe movement as well as other factors such as wellbore ballooning, the measured mud flow out will fluctuate even though the mud flow into the hole may be constant.  These fluctuations will partially mask a fluid influx or loss and make it difficult to set reliable alarm set points.  The DrillSense EKD system will calculate the Expected Mud Flow Out which is corrected by removing the flow effects induced by rig heave and pipe movement.

In addition to advanced EKD services, DHI also monitors the flow line and pits during pumps off events to charachterize the current flow behavior and provide additional information regarding fluid influxes and losses.