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Pore Pressure Prediction

Understanding pore pressure and wellbore stability across a project, field or basin can bring significant advantages to exploration and well planning. From prospect evalutation to pre-drill to realtime drilling analysis, DHI uses Drillworks® software to provide an integrated pore pressure solution that helps exploration and production companies achieve new levels of risk reduction, cost savings and improved drilling performance.


More accurately forecast and address pore pressure, fracture gradient and overburden gradient at single or multi-well locations.

Perform subsalt pore pressure analysis.


Utilize enhanced 3D visualization and analysis.


Identify and analyze pressure compartments.


Perform integrated leak-off test (LOT) analysis.


Plan optimum well paths, casing and mud programs.


Reduce casing-related costs and contingency casing design.


Increase safety and avoid costly problems such as kicks, stuck pipe, lost circulation and blowouts.


Optimize hole sizes for maximum protection and production.