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DHI Provides skilled and experienced GeoSteering engineers that assist the client with real-time well placement, horizontal well landing and structural interpretation.



DHI provides standard and advanced mudlogging services staffed with degreed geologists and petroleum engineers.

Pore Pressure Prediction


Pore pressure and wellbore stability related problems cost the oil and gas industry millions of dollars per year. If not well understood and planned for these problems can lead to costly equipment and non-productive time issues such as; stuck pipe, lost circulation, wellbore collapses, dry holes and blowouts. In addition, personnel safety, adverse environmental effects and  production losses are major concerns..

Early Kick Detection


The DrillSense EKD software detects wellbore fluid influxes and losses very soon after they occur by comparing the actual Flow Out to the expected Flow Out.  The service requires the use of a quantitative Mud flow out sensor such as a Coriolis flow line meter.  The software must be calibrated for each rig to ensure the expected mud flow out is calculated properly to account for rig heave, pipe movement and borehole ballooning.